EdComm, Inc.


Learn it. Do it.   Teach it.

L(i/o)ve it.

EdComm creates award-winning curriculum, fabricates lab applications specifically suited to our client's needs, and trains instructors to deliver content with confidence and enthusiasm.  But more importantly, we live it.

First and foremost, we are activists for a vibrant community, a clean environment, and an educational system that works.  When we aren't building programs for the next generation, you'll find us on the front lines, supporting eco-tourism locally, up on a roof, leading workshops, and sharing a beautiful cup of chai.



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We get it.  Building curriculum that meets state and national accountability demands and carving out time for professional development while attending to the demands of your school's day-to-day is nearly impossible. 

We make it easy by offering turnkey solutions that bring your program to the next level.

Give us a call, or shoot us an email, and we will walk through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Rik Villarreal

Founder, Chief of Operations

EdComm is the brainchild of Rik and he continues to hold the big picture of the organization while ensuring that daily operations provide for EdComm’s client success.  He’s a military veteran and electrician and a former high school math teacher who sees great value in bridging academia and industry without fluff, in hands-on learning environments.  Rik lends head and heart to curriculum development, hardware fabrication, and community outreach in dynamic fashion.  When not creating the next iteration EdComm’s classroom hardware offering, you'll find him hosting community workshops in his hometown of North Bend, Oregon and delivering episodes of community radio show Chai Chat, on KJAJ. 

He also does a phenomenal Elvis impersonation.



Travis Duckworth

Education Specialist

Travis was pried away from the classroom to lead the educational development team at EdComm.  His academic background in Genetics and Biochemistry, passion for teaching, an overwhelming desire to leave this world with decent air and water for the next generation, and a certain knack for translating big, complex concepts into easily digestible applications makes this a natural fit.  You can check out an old project and TEDx presentation or come by the Nevada City Farmer's Market for a good conversation and a delicious cup of Sol Chai.



Robin Roberts

Workforce Development

An adult educator, whose passion and experience in skills development and job creation led her to join the dynamic and real work-world orientation EdComm team, Robin is eager to work with organizations that are dedicated to developing world class employees for the jobs of today and the future.  In her thirty plus years in workforce development, she has never worked with a more enlightened and effective set of training professionals, demonstrating both current industry knowledge and state-of-the art educational tools.